Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to display quiz from 'ARI Quiz' joomla component in content

I have recently needed a component able to organize quizzes for my Joomla project. After long investigation of all components that I managed to find, I chose ARI Quiz. This component suited my needs completely, except for one thing: I needed an option of adding quiz to the article. That's why I created a simple plugin for this purpose and I'd like to share it with Joomla community. I hope it can be useful for somebody else. You can download the plugin here.

PS: I have tested it with ARI Quiz 2.4.0+.

[Updated 05.22.09] I have good news. ARI Soft team created demo page for my plugin, you can see it here.

[Updated 31.05.09] 'ARI Quiz in content' v. 1.1.0 is available. Now it works as jQuery plugin, handles calculator events and contains some bugs fixes.

[Updated 07.07.09] Plugin v. 1.2.0 is available. Feature for loading jQuery library through Google JS API was added.

[Updated 08.02.10] 'ARI Quiz in content' v. 1.3.0. New parameter 'Remove quiz title' was added.


  1. Super! This is the plugin I have been waiting for! Thank you very much.



  2. You are welcome :) If you have any idea how to improve it, you can share it here.

  3. Hi,I have trouble installing the plugin in my joomla website. Can you tell the folders in which to FTP the files( for manual install) ?

    thank you in advance,


  4. Hi, Alino,
    Could you describe problem which you have when trying to install the plugin?

  5. Hi Alex Bob,

    First I did it normally but error messages appeared stating that files couldnt be moved, so I changed the folder's permissions on my server and started all over again, then another message appeared stating that that some files existed already.In the Administrator->plugin manager I can see "ARI Quiz in content". I dont know if all the files have been installed correctly that is why I need to know what files go in what folders.

    Thank you very much for your help,


  6. Hi,
    May be 'plugins/system/' folder doesn't have needed permissions. You can try to set writable permissions for plugins/system/ folder, delete plugin (if you can't do it through Joomla interface, you can delete the following files manually from plugins/system directory: ariquizincontent.php, ariquizincontent.xml and ariquizincontent folder) and install plugin again.

  7. Thank you very much Alex,
    I will try this and let you know if it works.


  8. Hello friend, I installed your plugin on Ariquiz 2.3.0 and I must say that putting the code you've created (ariquizincontent quizId = "quiz_id" scrolling = "no") I can see in the quiz: just press the button Continue not understand why in the 'story appears all over the template on my site and not only the article with the quiz at the center consistent with the link of your demo plugin. What should I set? thanks

    my screen shot


  9. Hi, Roby, install the latest version of the component, I think it should help.

  10. Hi...sorry but i don't have the version 2.5.0 , i have only the 2.30 version...can you send me a demo version of the 2.5.0 if you have?



  11. Hi,
    I suppose any customer can download new version of ARI Quiz from developer's site.

  12. ok..for now i have resolved with this little script on the index.php


  13. Another bug...if you not make questions...you have ever same problems...
    in the file : components\com_ariquize file\ariquiz.php

    i have make only this...and for now i have resolved..i hope this will be good for all.. ;o)

    $_GET['tmpl'] = 'component';
    $_REQUEST['tmpl'] = 'component';
    $_POST['tmpl'] = 'component';

  14. I think that usage of the latest version of the component is more simple than do any hacks :)

  15. i have make a module unread...this modele contain all new article maked...if the user click on the new article, he see the article but this article not must deleted from the module of unred until the user have resolved the quiz (ARIQUIZ component)...
    when the user make the quiz ok (Passed=1 on my phpAdmin) than the article must be removed form the list of news...and i must to say that user have make in ok that quiz and the "system" check first if the same user have already make that quiz and he can't more make this same quiz (if he have make the quiz correct!!!) ...
    my problem is : if i give the user id ($user =& JFactory::getUser();) and i should find the id-article and the id-quiz : if i combine this 3 items i can make the select to remove this article from the news for ONLY this user...no for other user if don't have finish the quiz in corerct mode...undestand? sorry for my english !!!

    have you an idea??

  16. Hi Alex,

    I have downloaded the plugin and installed it. Now, where do I get the component?

  17. Hi, Henry,

    You can download ARI Quiz on developer's site http://www.ari-soft.com/Joomla-Components/ARI-Quiz/Detailed-product-flyer.html

  18. Thx Alex. On Joomla.org the extension is listed as non-commercial, however the link you sent me request a payment of $75.

  19. Yes, my plugin under GPL license and it's free, but ARI Quiz isn't my component, it's component from ARI Soft and the component is commercial. My plugin only helps emded quiz from ARI Quiz to Joomla! articles. The component doesn't support this ability and I implemented this and shared for Joomla! community.

  20. I use ari quiz. After searching for quizzes software i found ari quiz, and i'm very glad with it.

    Your plugin it's very interesting.

    Is there a possibility to create a plugin to insert a question into content? This would be just great for my purposes.

    Of course i'm not a programmer and i don't know how to do it.

    I leave here the ideia.

    Thanks for the great plugin.


  21. Hi, admin,

    Could you describe in more details what you mean "to insert a question into content"? My plugin shows quiz with questions in article.

  22. A quiz is made of several questions.
    Ari quiz has a field (Note:)that is made available only after finishing the quiz, if full statistics is enabled.

    It's not very usefull this field, because it's not dinamic. If i could creat a article with a certain question, then i coud interact with the user.

    On my site, the student can comment each question. This way it's very easy to clear any doubt, and the following students can learn with the doubts of others.

    I now that your plugin needs to use the quiz_id, but there is not question_id available. I already made this feature request, but if there is other way to it without this id, i don't know.



  23. Sorry, but my plugin doesn't support this ability. I suppose for your needs you can create module which will show feedback textbox when user is passing quiz and read question id from javascript object which is available on question page.

  24. Hi, first things first: thanks to share.
    However, I have some concerns here.

    First: Where's the quiz id? Do we have to guess?

    Second: In spite of typing {scrolling="no"}, it appears on my site half template in a kind of wrapper.
    I mean, appear the (guessed) quiz, but with its friends header and columns. Did I missed something?

    Thanks your time

  25. Hi, Eric,

    You can find quiz id in quizzes data grid on the component backend. About layout issue, may be it's conflict with your template CSS file.

  26. thanks for the plugin, but when i run it, my whole page shows in the content, whereas i only want the quiz to show. any ideas?

  27. Hi,

    Which version of the component you use?

  28. Hi do you know any way that i can show all my questions from a quiz to a single page?

  29. Hi
    Unfortunately I don't know how to do it, but you can ask this question on the component developer's page.

  30. Hi there,

    If you known, ARI Soft created ARI Quiz Lite component. It's a simple and FREE version of quiz extension for Joomla! CMS. I would like to know whether you are going to create the same plugin for ARI Quiz Lite? I need this functionality, but I'm not a programmer :(


  31. Hello, Jimbo,

    Read my latest post, it's about the similar plugin for ARI Quiz Lite.

  32. Hi, I have a problem getting this to work. I think the reason is that the embedded code becomes:


    instead of the same thing but without the "amp;"s.

    Does anoyone have an idea what could be wrong? Or how I can get rid of the amp; thing?

  33. Alright, I solved it by adding the component to the sef404 list.

    But there is another problem. When I add a quiz to my content, it breaks the template. I have managed to create a workaround, by adding two closing div-tags at the end of the article.

    Any ideas on what could be wrong with my implementation?

  34. Hi, Björn,

    Could you specify which template you use and if it's possible, provide link to your page.

  35. Thank you so much for a great product.
    I have a small problem that might be arising from the plugin and hope to find a solution here.

    The problem is that in an article when using the ari quiz plugin in content the right and left modules are displayed within the content area instead of their normal positions, and when the quiz is removed the modules returns to their normal positions.
    The funny thing is that the same article is in the front page and the positions of the modules are OK.

    This the link to the site:

    and the problem page is in: cases > musculoskeletal > OSCE1

    Any suggestions to fix this issue?

    Thank You again.

  36. Hi, Dr.M,

    I don't see any problem on your site. Could you explain your problem?

  37. Hi
    The problem was solved i have sent you an email to the address found in the plugin xml file explaining what happened, i hope you have received the email. thank You.

  38. Hi,

    Thanks for your mail. I have fixed this bug and new version of the plugin is available.

  39. Hi I was wondering if someone could help me. The id of one of my quizes is 2 so the code i place in my article is {ariquizincontent quiz id="2" scrolling="no"} Is this correct.


  40. Hi I really need some help. Im using the in content plugin along with ari quiz component.
    My website is Music Tutorial website. It has a list of menu items on the left hand side guitar, tin whistle, percussion, etc... that play videos
    I want to have the quiz under the video.
    For example in Percussion Lesson 1 under the video I am call the quiz with id 2 to load.
    {ariquizcontent quiz id="2" scrolling="yes"}

    But when it loads it loads the entire default website template in to the background of jdoc component.

    user: ciaran
    pass: test

    Go to....

    Lessons > Percussion Lesson 1 (undervideo)

    Thanks in advance.

  41. Hi,

    I suppose you use old version of ARI Quiz. Install new version and everything should work fine.

  42. Hi!

    Your plugin is super! However there are some defects.

    1) I use pictures in the question text. Without a plugin they are displayed. At use of a plugin they are not displayed.

    For example:
    Path to the question text: img src = "images/stories/Eysenck_1/pic1.gif"
    Path to drawing without a plugin: http://sitename/images/stories/Eysenck_1/pic1.gif
    Path to drawing with a plugin: http://sitename/component/ariquiz/images/stories/Eysenck_1/pic1.gif

    This problem repeats and at display of full statistics.

    2) IE8 does not display correctly article background.

    3) The description of question is formatted not as without a plugin.

    Best regards.

  43. Hi opentests,

    I can try to help you, but I need a link where I can see this problems.

  44. Hi!

    Link is http://www.wineinspector.ru/

    The third problem any more does not excite.

  45. to opentests,

    Download updated plugin and re-install it. It contains fix for the second issue. It looks like the first issue is problem with the component, contact ARI Quiz developer's about it.

  46. Hi!

    Thank you very much!!!

    I have solved the first problem, inserting an absolute path for pictures.

    There are still problems.

    1) all width of article Is used not.

    2) In different browsers display of full statistics very strongly differs. It can a template problem?!

    It can be seen on the same site.

    Best regards.

  47. Hi opentests,

    1. Open jquery.ari-quiz-in-content.js file, find line #82 and play with "width" parameter. Now it is set to "95%".

    2. Add the next CSS rule to CSS template:

    table.ariQuizResults {
    font-size:75% !important;

    I suppose it should help.

  48. Thanks!

    1) I have changed 95 % to 100 % in two files.
    (jquery.ari-quiz-in-content.js and jquery.ari-quiz-in-content.min.js)

    2)It has appeared to add better in.ariQuizResults TR (Opera and FireFox)

  49. Hello. I bought recently AriQuiz and installed your plugin. But when you try to insert a quiz into the material, I just insert description quizzes without a button "continue" and still cuts off part of the text.
    How can I fix this?
    I bought the components because of your plugin, but otherwise I could have used the free version AriQuiz

  50. Hi seo,

    Could you provide link to page with issue?

  51. Thanks a lot. It saved my life.

  52. Hi

    I installed the plugin and I followed the instruction to include a test in an article, but the test does not appeart. Instead I see the code that I actually included in the article: {ariquizincontent quizId="1" scrolling="yes"}

    What could be wrong? I'm just trying this on my localhost, so I may not be able to show you the actual article.

    Thanks for any pointer

  53. Hi Ver,

    What version of ARI Quiz you use? Could you share screenshot of plugin settings page?

  54. I'm using ari-quiz 2.9.1
    Trying to attach screenshot, but I don't see any provision for attachment... could not c&p either..., but basically the list of plug-ins say
    System-ARI Quiz In Content System 1.3.0 Feb2010 Hut32

    Thanks for the prompt response

  55. That was my mistake, the plugin was disabled. Thanks anyway.

  56. Hi!

    Google in the recommendations advises to unite following two files in one.


    Best regards.

  57. Hi opentests,

    Thank you for suggestion, but it makes no sense because the plugin can load these files separately.

  58. Hi!

    How to reduce gaps between the button and content of article from above and from below?

  59. Thanks for making this available to us all. Much appreciated. Is there an option to directly include the quiz on the page without having to click a link?
    Using the plugin now on Page A will yield to Link L that takes you to quiz Q, with that option, you would see quiz Q right on page A.

    Thanks for taking the time.

  60. Hi Ver,

    The plugin doesn't support this feature.

  61. Hi!

    What about my question from May 9, 2010?

  62. Hi opentests,

    Could you provide link to your page?

  63. Hi!

    It is link for test.


  64. To opentests,

    You can edit [root_dir]/components/com_ariquiz/view/quiz.html.php file that remove extra space. This file contains

  65. Hi!

    I have set margin in a zero (a line 33). I have deleted br (lines 54 and 56). The big gap before the button is deleted.

    But I could not delete gap after the button.

  66. hi excellent plugin. its fine but when it loads the questions it flashes then doesnt show the questions ? any ideas ??

  67. Hi drunvalo,

    Where I can see this problem?

  68. do you have an email an i can email you the details?

  69. First, I need to thank you for the plug-in, just like those above. I have noticed that at the end of the quiz, the results screen does not refresh the page (as does a quiz linked directly to a menu does). So, for example, the module showing last results, which I have on my site, does not get refreshed to show the very last test I have taken - till I refresh the page manually. Is this a limitation of the in article setup?

  70. Hi Martin,

    The plugin loads a quiz into iframe. It's new window and all quiz actions happen in this window.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Hi
    This is a very nice plugin.
    Any idea to develop same kind of plugin for Jquarks.

  73. Hi Mohan,

    Sorry but I'm not interested in it. I have created plugin for "ARI Quiz" because I use it in my projects and find "ARI Quiz" suitable for my needs as opposed to "JQuarks".

  74. A great plugin! I wish it wouldn't ignore the CSS settings, though. This is my feature request: Incorporate the CSS style.

    Currently, my web site has a black background and I managed to modify the 'standard' css file to match my site quite nicely when displaying a quiz through a menu link. But the quiz will always display a white background when using your plugin.

  75. Hi Robert,

    It can be a problem with site template, check that it includes the same CSS files for component view and standard view.

  76. Hi Owner,

    Thanks for the plugin, using it plenty.

    I too have a need for CSS settings.
    But maybe my problem lies with the component/standard view?

    Could you please elaborate on what this issue regards?

  77. Hi Mark,

    Could you specify the problems you have?

  78. Sure,

    Basically I'm trying to include some simple CSS settings in the quiz and quizresult pages.

    Neither one loads up (or at least uses) the newly added css code. This does not matter whether I put the css in the template css, the ari quiz css template, or an entirely new one.

    In chrome I get one warning; "Resource interpreted as script but transferred with MIME type text/html."

    I'm not too familiar with iframes and frames in general, maybe it needs to load css from new window or something, not sure.

    I would send you a link, but I have protected my quizzes with OSE membership, so you would have to get a login to view the quizzes live. :)

    I'm not 100% whether this only occurs with the quiz_in_content plugin, but I also experience having to click twice, when answering a question.

    Best of regards

  79. Hi there,

    I hope you are still taking questions for your great plug in! I installed the plug in to my Joomla 1.5.23 system and everything was working just fine. I added a total of 50 quizzes and total of 700 questions. For each quiz I created a page and used your plug in to embed into the page. Everything was working great.

    The I started getting "cannot connect to server" when you clicked on "continue" and that was it. I read your blog and a few other places and I added some CSS in case that was the issue and purged trash inside Joomla and after a few hours it was working again.

    I have one idea and I wanted to see if you would agree or if you have other options. If the client and I were trying to use the same logon username account could this cause the error? Or is there something else that I am not aware in settings or something? Any ideas - my client is really worried that this may happen to subscribers after they pay for the exam.

    Any ideas to check would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
    Colleen Nelson

  80. Hi

    I'm implementing your ariquizincontent plugin
    and would like to use the Dutch language on my site
    (gratisvaarbewijs.nl). Would you be so kind as to tell me in which
    folder I can change the terms used in the frontend of the plugin from
    english to dutch ones? (I can't find it on my hosting server.)
    Thank you so much!

    Kind regards, Wamme van der Kuip

  81. Hi

    What do you want to change on frontend? The plugin shows only loading message and it can be changed in plugin settings.

  82. Hello! I'd like to use this plug-in for a website I'm building, but I'm getting an install error. After installing, the site give me this error, "Fatal error: Call to a member function isAdmin() on a non-object in (file locations)\line 37". I'm using Joomla 1.7, so I'm thinking this is a version error. Is there a plan to release a version for 1.7?

  83. Hi

    The plugin has been updated. Thanks to ARI Soft team.

  84. why questions are not diplay at frontend in ariquiz lite?
    can someone help me?

  85. is it possible to see the problem anywhere?

  86. Hi,
    plugin does not work for ARI Quiz Lite version?

  87. I will add even more,
    in article is now home page, not a quiz ... :-(

  88. The plugin for "ARI Quiz Lite" is here http://hut32.blogspot.com/2009/10/ari-quiz-lite-in-content-plugin.html

  89. Hello,
    do you think your plugin can migrate to Joomla 3?

  90. Hi

    As I know ARI Soft offers their own plugin called "ARI Quiz Anywhere".

  91. Hi, Can anyone provide the link for ARI Quiz...

  92. Hi


  93. Do you have a version for joomla 3?

  94. Can any one help me how to insert ASCII/ISO Latin-1
    Character Code (html entity) inside the multiple question in air quiz lite

  95. Can any one help me how to insert ASCII/ISO Latin-1
    Character Code (html entity) inside the multiple question in air quiz lite